Kunar Province of Afghanistan

Kunar is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the northeastern part of the country. Its capital is Asadabad. It is one of the four "N2KL" provinces (Nangarhar Province, Nuristan Province, Kunar Province and Laghman Province). N2KL is the designation used by US and Coalition Forces in Afghanistan for the rugged and very violent region along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border opposite Pakistan's Federally Administered Tribal Areas and North-West Frontier Province. Kunar is the center of the N2KL region.
Kunar province is located in the east of Afghanistan. It borders with Nangarhar Province to the south, Nuristan Province to the north, Laghman Province to the west and has a border with Pakistan in the east. The province covers an area of 4339 km2. Nearly nine tenths (86%) of the province is mountainous or semi mountainous terrain while one eighth (12%) of the area is made up of relatively flat land. The primary geographic features of the province are (1) the lower Hindu Kush mountains which form, (2) the Kunar Valley, and (3) the Kunar River which flows 
south along the north-south axis of the valley is a primary draining conduit for the Hindu Kush basin. The mountains, narrow valleys with steeps sides and river serve as formidable natural obstacles and have impacted all movement through the province throughout history. Even in the early 21st century movement on foot, with pack animals or with motorized vehicles is extremely limited and channeled due to the significant geographic restrictions.
Demographics & population;
The total population of Kunar was estimated to be around 413,008 (CSO Afghanistan, 2006).Pashtuns is in majority and make up 95% of the total population, followed by Nuristanis and Tajiks.
Around 96% of the population of Kunar lives in rural districts while 4% lives in urban areas.

District                                                  Population
Asadabad                                                             29,177                       
Bar Kunar                                                            20,716            
Chapa Dara                                                         28,681                       
Dangam                                                              15,509                       
Dara-I-Pech                                                         44,958                       
Khas Kunar                                                        31,950            
Marawara                                                            17,316                       
Narang                                                                27,937            
Nari                                                                      32,510            
Nurgol                                                                  25,047            
Sawkai                                                                28,905             
Sirkani                                                                 24,080            
Wata Pur                                                            28,778             
Shigal                                                                   33,781              



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