Panjshir Province of Afghanistan

Panjshir is one of the thirty-four provinces of Afghanistan. Containing the Panjshir Valley, in April 2004 it was created from parts of Parwan Province, which now lies along its southwestern border. Panjshir's population is about 139,000 and its area is 3,610 square kilometers. Its capital is the town of Bazarak.
Panjshir province is renowned for having resisted the Soviet occupation in the 1980, due to its difficult terrain and the brilliant leadership of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the so-called "Lion of the Panjshir". Massoud was killed by an al-Qaeda assassin in September 2001, two days before the 9-11 attacks on the United States. Panjshir is one of Afghanistan's most secure provinces and is not subject to the level of violence and insurgency found elsewhere in the country.

In 2004 Panjsher district in the Parwan province was given the status of Province by President Hamid Karzai. According to Karzai's spokeperson the district was not linked to any province because the late Afghan commander Ahmad Shah Masoud independently administered it, therefore Karzai decided to make it a province to honor Masoud.

In spring 2010, long-serving Governor Haji Bahlol Bahij was removed by President Karzai and replaced with new Governor Kiramuddin Keram.

A NATO-ISAF Provincial Reconstruction Team was established in the province in 2005, shortly after the province was created. The PRT is led by the United States. It is headed by a US diplomat and is the only PRT in Afghanistan where security conditions allow for a civilian, rather than military, PRT commander. The PRT engages in development work such as building of roads, river control, agricultural development, education, health, and business development.

Ferishta records the attack of Mahmud of Ghazni on Panjshir.

In returning to Ghazni, marched along the southern face of the mountains of Hindu Kush: still hearing that the ruler of Pansir now called Panjshir, was an infidel and possessed some of these elephants called the elephants of Sulaiman,he advanced against this place plundering and murdering the inhabitants.



3,610 km² (1,394 sq mi)

139,100 (2009)

Main Language;

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