Herat Province of Afghanistan

Herat is one the 34 provinces of Afghanistan; together with Badghis, Farah, and Ghor provinces, it makes up the north-western region of the country. Its primary city and administrative capital is also named Herat.


The province was one of the first major battlegrounds in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, and remained an active area of guerrilla warfare throughout, with local military commander and mujahideen Ismail Khan leading resistance to Soviet rule from 1979 until the Soviet withdrawal in 1989. When the Soviets withdrew, Ismail Khan became the governor of the province, a position he retained until the Taliban took control of the province in 1995. Following the ousting of the Taliban in 2001 by the US and coalition forces as well as the Afghan Northern Alliance, Khan once again became governor of Herat.

Districts                                           Population
Adraskan                                                         56,193  
Chishti Sharif                                                   25,428  
Farsi                                                                 28,252  
Ghoryan                                                           90,201  
Gulran                                                              106,983  
Guzara                                                             135,187  
Herat                                                                 397,456  
Injil                                                                     224,607  
Karukh                                                              58,594  
Kohsan                                                             57,782  
Kushk                                                               133,446  
Kushki Kuhna                                                  41,642  
Obe                                                                   75,175  
Pashtun Zarghun                                            90,817  
Shindand                                                         185,418   
Zinda Jan                                                         54,976

 54,778 km² (21,150 sq mi)


Main language;
 Dari Persian

Herat Province of Afghanistan 


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