Afghanistan Court

Supreme Court
The Afghan Supreme Court is the court of last resort in Afghanistan. It was created by the Constitution of Afghanistan, which was approved on January 4, 2004. Its creation was called for by the Bonn Agreement, which read in part:
The judicial power of Afghanistan shall be independent and shall be vested in a Supreme Court of Afghanistan, and such other courts as may be established by the Interim Administration.
Currently, the nine-member court is made up of the following justices:
Chief Justice Abdul Salam Azimi
Deputy Chief Justice Bahauddin Baha
Justice Abdul-Rasheed Rashid
Justice Gholam Nabi Nawai
Justice Zamen Ali Behsudi
Justice Mohammad Qasem
Justice Mohammad Alim Nasimi
Justice Mohammad Omar Barakzai

Primary Courts
Article 40 of the Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of Courts:
In the jurisdictional area of each Court of Appeals, there are these primary courts:
1. Central provincial primary court
2. Juveniles Court
3. Commercial Primary Court
4. District Primary Court
5. Family Issues primary court

The Supreme Court may establish more courts in the centers of provinces when required after approval of the president.

Primary Court Structure
Article 41 of the Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of Courts:
A Central primary court shall be comprised of the following Dewans:
1. General Criminal Dewan
2. Civil Dewan
3. Public Rights Dewan
4. Public Security Dewan
5. Traffic Criminal Dewan

The Dewans of central primary court shall have one head and no more than four members.

Resolving cases by Dewans of primary courts;
Article 42 of the Law on Organization and Jurisdiction of Courts:
Central provincial primary courts shall have the relevant Dewans to resolve cases in primary level in accordance with law:
1. Resolving general criminal cases by General Criminal Dewan.
2. Resolving civil disputes between natural persons by Civil Dewan.
3. Resolving civil disputes between natural and legal individuals/entities or among legal entities by Public Rights Dewan.
4. Resolving criminal cases of public security and interest, drug trafficking and other crimes by Public Security Dewan in accordance with law.
5. Resolving traffic criminal cases by Traffic related Crimes Dewan.

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