Kandahar University

Kandahar University is a government funded higher learning institution in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It is one of two universities in southern Afghanistan. Kandahar University (KU) was established in 1990, at a time when the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) was in power under President Mohammad Najibullah. Dr. Tooryalai Wesa, who returned to the country after 13 years and is the current governor of Kandahar province, was the first Chancellor of Kandahar University. It is believed that he will help in the development and progress of the university.

Kandahar University provides areas of study in Agriculture, Medicine, Engineering and Education. The university has future plans to launch faculties in the fields of Economy, Computer Science and Islamic Studies.

Kandahar University officially started with the faculty of Agriculture in 1991. The Faculty of Medicine was also launched in 1994. Engineering was established in 2000 and faculty of Education in 2003. The University at the beginning was located at the center of Kandahar city in a campus shared with a technical school. Due to lack of classes and hostel facilities, a specific area was selected for the University in the north-west of Kandahar city. The work of constructing the new campus started during the governance of Gul Agha Sherzai who strongly supported and contributed Kandahar University in different aspects. The current Campus of the University covers an area of more than 600,000 m2. The University has 11 buildings, of which one is the Administration and Chancellor’s office, four buildings for a hostel, one for each faculty and one for the Central Library. The University also has a separate girls' hostel. There are some other structures located in the campus. The most important among them is the tomb of Allama Abdul Shakoor Rishad baba who was a well known writer, artist and poet of Afghanistan. There is also a huge mosque located beside the University for attending the Eidgah pray each year.

The Canadian government in 2008 built a three-km perimeter of stone, brick and iron around the school campus. It has been dubbed the Great Wall of Kandahar. The new wall addresses a security and other concerns hampering the school’s development.

Established       1990
Location           Kandahar, Afghanistan

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