The Kabul Health Sciences Institute

The Kabul Health Sciences Institute (KHSI) was established as advanced educational unit which is accredited and recognized by the ministry of public health; Govt. of Afghanistan and National Health Sciences Institute of Leesburg, to train students in health sciences fields and presents them to the society especially in rural and remote areas of Afghanistan.

The health sciences institute of Kabul offers an enriching academic environment with world-class curriculum; innovative reaching methodologies and professional tutors that support your higher education with high quality, systematic learning process to meet the challenges of today's society and help you to be succeeding in your social career.

   Medical Technology
   Advanced Nursing

Its primary responsibility is to train health care personal to meet the needs of Afghanistan in accordance with the international programs and it function with the support of national and international organizations' donation & students' fees.
The organization structure of the institute consists of academic, administrative and instructional departments as well as KHSI is functioning in each province according the assigned teaching plan.
The institute has consultancy and executive boards together with council to improve the academic and administrative affairs.
KHSI provides students a completely academic experience and world-class curriculum and innovative reaching methodologies that adheres to stringent international quality standards, imbibes life skill among its students, and prepares them to not only take on competitive careers but also succeed in life. The academic program at KHSI has been designed to help students to develop the knowledge and capabilities needed to meet the challenges of today's society. They are armed with fundamental principles, habit of self-learning, and the power that comes from a thorough and systematic learning process. KHSI curriculum prepares dynamic students, personally and professionally, to take up future leadership roles in the health sciences and health care industry.

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