Alberoni University

Alberoni University
In 1998 the concept of establishment of a university with Sharya, Law, Agriculture, Engineering and Medical faculties in Kapisa Province was approved to as an institution of Higher Education Ministry. On 2000 it started its activity with one Faculty (Shariya) and in the year 2002 during its registration, it had 5 faculties. The faculty of education in the year 2003 and faculty of literature in the year 2004 were registered. Totally this university has 6 faculties with 1643 of 1581 are male students and other 62 female students and 61 professors. (2008)

Girls Dormitory in Kapisa          
Since Albironi university is a newly established university in Kapisa province and they are using a textile company building as university campus.

Recently the Afghan government has decided to give enough land at the same area for the university campus. As some faculty and administration buildings are already constructed or under construction.

At the moment 65 girls students from different provinces are using a residential house building as dormitory.

Based on Ministry of Higher Education's request and by the use of private donation DAARTT decided to build 80 single beds dormitory building having two stores with latest facilities.

The actual construction work of the project started on 01/07/2008, now the construction of building reached to the shelter and work is on progress.

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